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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT CHARLOTTE (10-minute comedy)        WATCH  

While promoting a book about Charlotte Bronte, Mark and Rebecca McCoy end up discussing their marital problems in front of a live audience.


A stay-at-home mom tries her hand at a video-blog. ​

COINCIDENCE (10-minute dark comedy/drama)      WATCH


Domenic has come to meet his girlfriend's family, but while alone on the balcony with Clara, his girlfriend's sister, he brings up a date they went on.



SALVADOR IS OUT (10-minute comedy/absurd/historical)

It's October, 1938 in Paris, France. The Surrealists are meeting in order to decide whether to expel Salvador Dali from the Surrealist movement.


THE DELAY (10-minute drama)

While commuting to work, Peter meets a stranger who seems to know everything about him.  Can this mysterious encounter be exactly what he needs?


THE WINNER (monologue comedy)

Arti (or Arta) has just won the Green Card Lottery and has moved from Albania to New York City. It’s a dream come true but finding a job as a copywriter while still learning English is more like a nightmare.


HER FRIEND LUISA (full length drama)

Luisa, nearly forty, has a complex friendship with Ana, a younger woman. She drives to Ana’s house in the morning and gets in bed with her, pretending they spent the night together. Ana says she’s traveling but only goes so far as the airport and, once there, draws scenes from European countries until it’s time for Luisa to pick her up. The women's unusual friendship puzzles Beatriz, Luisa’s down-to-earth sister, especially since she’s seen Ana alone at the movies with Edward, Luisa’s husband. But it turns out that Luisa knows all about it.

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